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Registry Toolkit performs search &/or replacement operations on the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10 registry (32-bit and x64). You can search/replace in registry data, values, keys (or any combination) and specify the types of data to process. Now with a browse function, you can scroll through the registry to easily select a starting point for your search/replace. You can create and edit keys, values, & data, and delete keys & values (after confirmation), and undo the last changes made. New output functions let you save the search results to a .reg file & preview the changes that would be made by a replace in advance of actually making the replace. Regular expression search/replace is also possible - no other utility does this. You can import and export .reg files. New script file & command line functions let you easily do automated &/or complex operations. Registry Toolkit will operate on a remote registry (if you have permission to do so). A print (w/ preview) function lets you print the display.

Support is available in the Help File and from

Also see the Registry Tookit graphical page for more information.

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Version 4.0

Note: Do not install the shareware if you have a registered version.

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Pricing begins at $25/license. Quantity discounts are available - see the fax/mail order form or rtprice.htm. As part of the registration, you will receive free updates and customer support (by E-MAIL) for one year. Updates are sent to registered customers as they become available. They incorporate your suggestions, so please send them! If you have problems receiving the program or need customer support, contact us directly by E-MAIL at

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