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People ask me what I use on my PC--and this is one of the programs which ranks in the top ten. Search and Replace is the fastest, easiest way to perform text searches (grep) and replacements. The proggie searches through multiple files and directories and then reports what it finds. You have the option to 'edit' what was found, or you can replace all/some of the found data. Regular expressions (egrep style) are now supported in this version. I'll add that the proggie colors now match whatever color settings you would be currently using--a major UI enhancement. Awesome S&R util here, gang. - Christopher Pirillo  

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Search And Replace is a 32-bit search utility that you can use to find and replace a given string in multiple files, across multiple directories. The unregistered version only allows you to search for text strings; the registered version enables you to replace some, all or none of these strings with another string. A "Touch" button allows you to change the date and time of the files you specify, and the "Search Results" list allows you to view the discovered files using the associated viewer, or the context of the line where the string was found. I attempted to look for occurances of my own name across my entire hard disk drive. There were 3200 files to check, and the total time involved was a little over 2 minutes (I'm running a Pentium 75 with 8 MB of RAM). I would highly recommend this application to anyone who spends a lot of time processing Word documents. -Lance Jones

Comments from Registered Users
  • We think your product is GREAT. Your program, on 30,000 files in 10,000 directories, beat Dreamweaver's Search and Replace by over an hour!!! Thanks for a great product!
  • Used the new software last night doing some coding changes. Great stuff. Saved me a heap of time. I very rarely purchase small applications like this one. Usually I just use them to their demo limitations, but in this case, I was so impressed with the software's capabilities that I figured it was well worth $25 for it. 
  • I currently support my organization's extensive, internal web site. I purchased your Search and Replace utility a while ago and have been able to use it *numerous* times to make mass modifications to all/many of my pages to reflect org changes, etc. S&R has saved me *hours* of manual editing of individual pages! I guess the best proof I have of my satisfaction is that I've recommended it to several of my co-workers!
  • I printed the order copy and will be sending a check this evening. By far the best $ I've spent on software in a very long time.
  • Thanks a stack, you saved us 12 hours work!
  • I just wanted to thank you ever so much for the Search and Replace software! Webmaster of over 200 pages, and to update links or meta tags was a dreaded nightmare! But thanks to you, no more!
  • We are in receipt of your Search and Replace software. It has already proven its worth!!
  • I think I can say that I have used your software every day since I installed it and it's the best value for money that I have come across in over 25 years of programming. Every time I have used it and thought "it would be better if ...", I have gone to the help and discovered that "it already does that". Keep up the good work.
  • May I first of all say what a brilliant product Search And Replace has been to use - as a web designer, I find it's ability to change text in multiple files truly excellent and I'm proud to say that yours was the only piece of shareware that I have actually bought after only 1 day of evaluation !
  • When i finally got "Search and Replace" i was done with all the pages, or at least i thought i was. It turned out, 20 minutes after i got the file, we discovered an additional 400 HTML-pages hidden in subdirectories that needed to be corrected. And with the help of "Search and Replace" i got them in no time! So thanks for saving my day, and thanks for making great software!
  • Here's my story. I found an error on a web site I was publishing last night. It occurred in almost 700 pages. I started looking around for a tool to do a multi-file search and replace and found yours. It performed the operation I needed flawlessly (multi-line regular expression search and replace.) Of course, the unregistered version wouldn't do multi-file. So I kept looking. I tried all of the tools on TUCOWS and none of them was even close to yours. So, I ordered your app. I got it 15 minutes ago and installed it. I ran the search and replace and my 2000 page web site that published yesterday is now perfect. Without your tool, it would have taken dozens of hours to fix the particular mistake I was correcting. 
  • Wow, your SR just saved me hours of work. I had 363 HTML files with the "horrible error" of a lone ampersand instead of & and HTML Powertools was about to go beserk generating error messages!! They were changed in only a few minutes with SR. Glad I saw it mentioned in one of the Newsgroups, and I wlll mention it whenever I can.
  • All in all, your utility is not just an essential for what I do. It's also the very best of its kind (and I've tried many).
  • I've had SR for about 2 months. It is so good, I use it more than the find in Windows95 or Norton Navigator. It's always nice to find someone who writes excellent utilities. - Abyss Books & Gourmet Cafe
  • Hey, I just wanted to thank you for search and replace 32. I recently put together a site with over 17000 pages, with many many crash & burns as I converted from ASCII to HTML over a several week period. After I got the site up, I realized that I had to still another massive overhaul with about 40 sequential S&Rs per file - I got and used sr32 and accomplished the job in a twentieth of the time it would have taken otherwise - without a single snag! (although the changes won't be on line for a few days) Shareware Rules!! Thank you!!! My ulcer thanks you!!
  • I have just searched 1006 files in 16 directories and replaces 26 occurrences of a five word string in about 30 seconds. Think (which you obviously did !!!) of the time it would have taken to do this without SR and then not been totally sure you 'had' them all.
  • Search and Replace easy to use, fast, reliable, and well supported! Global finds and replacements are a snap. The context view, which provides a way to make 'on-the-fly' edits, is incredibly handy. Programmers and html authors will surely find this a useful addition to their toolkit! - Ken Webster 
  • While I'm writing I'd like to let you know that this is one of the best utility programs that I've seen for a long time...I'll be using it a lot and I'll recommend it to anyone who may need such a tool, even if only occasionally.
  • I LOVE your search and replace tool. It may just be the best software utility I have ever bought. I write HUGE websites averaging sometimes 10,000 html files. Your search and replace tool makes it VERY easy to simply change a small line of html within these files. Your software program does in minutes what it would take me months to do manually. Thank You for such a GREAT program!
  • I began using (and paid for) Search and Replace when I had to migrate a large number of HTML files to a new Web Server directory structure. With Search and Replace, changing groups of links and .GIF file references was a snap!
  • I had to write and tell you what an excellent product Search and Replace is. It has saved me probably 10 days worth of work since I got it a few months ago and has easily paid for itself many times over. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!
  • Wow, you really pack alot into "search and replace". We are most impressed. Now to be able master all its power! Thanks for a absolutely great program!
  • I've have received your software and it is working properly. In 2 minutes I've replaced about 300 html files in lots of subdirectories.
  • Excellent tool... I put on my Visual C++ Tools menu and away I go...excellent utility.
  • I didn't have an opportunity to pass on my appreciation for the product in general. Search and Replace is a fine piece of software, and I use it every day. Most of my work is Delphi development and I spend a lot of time in the class library source code. Their editor does not have a GREP facility, but SR32 sits in the tool menu ready to ferret out the odd class definition. Thank you!
  • The need that sent me looking for a Search & Replace program was the conversion of a huge Visual Basic 3 program to a 32 bit Visual Basic 4 program. The problem was exacerbated by not being able to use the 16 bit VB4 compiler with it's conditional compile capabilities as a bridge. It has the same compiler limitations as VB3. This forces me to make the same conversion multiple time. I needed a Search & Replace program that worked across multiple text files (*.BAS and *.FRM), driven by a script file containing multiple search and replace actions that could be saved and recalled for future use . It's a great utility. I'm delighted.
  • We have 5 GB of info [to process] and your product is WONDERFUL ... we can change entire sections in minutes!!
  • A great little utility 'Cadilac Grep with Bells on'
  • I must tell you how much I enjoy using the program. Having found myself locked in a room turning out web pages, Search and Replace is as valuable to me as my web editor and Netscape. There's nothing more enjoyable than running through dozens of html docs to change a tag without having to open them individually.
  • Just got it last night. Just trying the search and replace functions out now on some Web pages. Seems to be working fine. This is great, as my alternative was either to redo all of the URLs by hand, or invoke some decidedly user-nasty Unix programs on our server. (Yes, feel free to use that as product endorsement if you want).
  • Great product!!! This would have to be the best investment a Web publishing house could make. Stand by for sales from Australia when we start raving about it.
  • I love the program !!!! The program is working really hard on some big (20-50 MB) PageMaker files where I must change some drive letter assignments for the linked files in the dokuments. Your program is a BIG help!
  • Thank you for sending through the registered version of Search & Replace. Everything appears to be working fine. A great app - I have already used it in making changes to my web sites.
  • The program works great, and I've already used it extensively on the Web site for which I'm responsible.
  • From experimenting with the Shareware version, it looks to be just the thing I've been after to help in the maintenance/construction of several large Web sites I look after: The new additions to the regexp searching are excellent (and I'll be dumping quite a few of the PERL scripts I've previously written!).
  • I installed the program and it works beautifully. It saves me an incredible amount of time. Thank you for making my work so much easier.

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