Search and Replace HTML Mode

Search and Replace 3.2+ has an 'HTML compatibility mode' that enables the program to make ISO plain text character code substitutions for the HTML special characters during search &/or replace operations.

For example, if your search string is "Search & Replace", the program will find "Search & Replace" in your html document and display this in the Search Results list (if you have 'Display First Hit Line' enabled in Options-Output).

If a replacement is being made involves a character for which there is an html special character code, the character code will be used. For example, if you search for "x > y" and replace that with "x < y", the program will find the string "x &gt; y" and replace that with "x &lt; y". You can visualize the actual replacement by enabling Replace Prompts (Options-Replace).

HTML mode is activated from the Search and Replace Flags Menu or the 'HTML Mode' tool bar button.

Please see the program F1 Help for more information.

Not all programs/editors follow the same html character code standards. Consult the documentation for your html editor &/or examine your raw html document if you have questions about the substitutions used by your editor.

The translations used by Search and Replace 3.2+ are listed in: ASCII2HTML.srs and HTML2ASCII.srs. These are presented in the form of Search and Replace scripts (text files). However, you do not need to employ them as scripts. The program will use the translations internally when 'HTML Mode' is enabled. Your browser may insist on downloading the above two links. If you have trouble and wish to view them as a web page, see HTMLCodes.