Directory Toolkit Command Line Switches


Directory Toolkit
Command Line Parameters

Command line parameters can be used as below.

/Ffile name Run the script   in the specified file. Do not combine this with other command line switches except the /Q switch.
/b Synchronize Both Directories.
/a Augment Target Directory.
/r Refresh Target Directory.
/u Update Target Directory.
/p Update & Prune Target Directory.
/d Remove Duplicates from Target Directory.
/c Compare Directories mode (default).
/sC:\Source Path for Source Directory (Path 1). If the path contains spaces, quote the string.
/tC:\Target Path for Target Directory (Path 2). If the path contains spaces, quote the string.
/m File Mask. Separate multiple masks with the ; character. Use the ~ character to exclude masks.
/q Quit after operation. Directory Toolkit will close after the operation is completed.

Note: The flags can be upper or lower case. Only one of the /b /a /r /u /p /d /c flags should be specified at a time. Here is an example:

DIRTKT /sc:\work /t"d:\Program Files\Excel" /m*.xls;*.txt;~a*.xls
DIRTKT /fc:\scripts\dtscript1.cfg /q

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