Directory Toolkit by Funduc Software. A file and archive manager that can compare and synchronize files in two paths, perform file operations such as move, copy, delete, & rename on files in archives without extracting them manually first, find duplicate files in two paths, display the actual differences in content between two files, decode encode email attachments, Touch files, display file type information, and much more. The program has automated functions for network managers.



Directory Toolkit Screenshots

 Directory Toolkit Icon Directory Toolkit displays a single or side-by-side directory comparison using color coding for alike, different, or missing files. Here are some sample screenshots of the program.

Directory Toolkit Sample Screen - Path Comparison View
Directory Tookit Screen Shot

Directory Toolkit Sample Screen - Single Path View
Example of Directory Toolkit  tree display for navigating folders.

File Operations Preview - Can be disabled in program options
Directory Toolkit File Operations Preview

8 Built-In Synchronize Functions
Directory Toolkit Synchronize Functions









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